Church of St Swithun, Bicker

Church of St Swithun, Bicker

St Swithun’s Church, Bicker, is a Grade I listed church in the Lincoln Diocese

St Swithuns Church, Bicker
Bicker PCC
NLHF Grant Aided Roof Repairs
Grade I
Church of St Swithun, Bicker, is a Grade I listed church in the Lincoln Diocese.

Several of the roofs were failing, there was significant decay to the timber structure and water was penetrating the interior. An application was made to the National Lottery Heritage Fund Grant, but before a decision could be made, lead from the Chancel roof of the Church of St Swithun was stolen.

During the investigation works, and due to the pitch of the roofs and open eaves, it was not considered safe to inspect the structure closely without a full access scaffold and therefore, the scope included for a MEWP. Once on site all roofs were inspected. Date plaques or cast lettering within the lead sheets suggested that the coverings were between 160 and 200 years old. Many were now showing their age and had slipped, with splits and cracks in several locations. Having undergone a number of repairs in the past, the roofs on the Nave, North and South Aisles were identified as nearing the end of their life and the loss of the lead on the Chancel meant that a full replacement was required.

The lead was stripped, and the roofs repaired. The roofs were considered at risk of further lead theft and having reviewed all options, a decision was made to re-covered them in stainless steel with solid roll joints. The roofs were over-boarded to accommodate the new stainless-steel covering and the gutters and downpipes improved.

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