Church of St. Swithun, Retford

St Swithun’s Church, Brattleby, is a Grade II* listed church in the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham

Parish Church of St Swithun's
St Swithun's PCC
English Heritage Grant Aided Roof Repairs
Grade II*
St Swithun’s Church, Retford, is a Grade II* listed church in the Southwell and Nottingham Diocese.

The church was awarded a substantial English Heritage Grant to undertake essential works to the North and South Transept Roofs and roof structure, repairs to the Tower Roof, improvements to the rainwater outlets and downpipes, stone repairs to the parapet walls and timber replacements.

The investigation work completed during the Development phase identified the extent of the works. The North and South Transept roofs were stripped, trusses were strengthened with steel plates and bolted fixings reflecting the historic repairs. The roofs were re-covered with new sand cast lead, the tower roof was reconfigured to comply with the latest LSA guidance, and the gutters were re-formed to work effectively

There were extensive repairs to the Tower parapet walls, and the southeast pinnacle was taken down and rebuilt to stabilise the corner where cracking had occurred. Cintec anchors were used to further strengthen the corner and to provide built-in reinforcement. The down pipes were retained for aesthetic reasons and lead chutes were introduced to discharge the water. The softwood timber louvres were extensively decayed and beyond repair, so were replaced with hardwood, and pigeon protection was added.

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