The Navvies Memorial, Otley

The Navvies Monument in Otley, on Church Lane, Otley is an important Grade II listed memorial

Navvies Memorial
Otley Parish Council
Conservation and Repair
Grade II
The Navvies Memorial on Church Lane in Otley, is an important Grade II listed monument. It was built to honour the Navvies who lost their lives constructing the Bramhope Tunnel, as well as the thousands of other navvies who helped to build the nation’s railways.

Found in the churchyard of All Saints Parish Church, Otley, the memorial is a replica of the north portal of the Bramhope Tunnel which runs for over 2 miles and was built for the Leeds & Thisk Railway between 1846 and 1849.

Over 2,000 men worked on the tunnel during its construction and the memorial commemorates the 23 railway workers who died during its construction and records their names.

We were honoured to have been invited to undertake the repairs. Following a meeting with Otley Conservation Task Force, Carl assessed the condition of the monument and prepared a schedule of repair and monitored works on site through to completion.

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