Church of The Holy Trinity, Lenton

Holy Trinity Church, Lenton, is a Grade II* listed church in the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham

Parish Church of the Holy Trinity
Lenton PCC
HLF Grant Aided Roof Repairs
Grade II*
Holy Trinity Church, Lenton, is a Grade II* listed church in the Southwell and Nottingham Diocese.

We were appointed as conservation architects to carry out the major re-roofing works following an HLF grant.

Through the investigation works we identified significant failure of the main structural roof timbers which were damaged by dry rot due to poor roof covering and badly constructed gutters and lack of ventilation.

We also discovered that the timber ground floor had been adapted and supporting walls removed and some stabilisation would be required before an internal scaffold could be constructed.

The damage to the structural roof timbers was so significant that the risk of the roof collapsing was carefully considered and resulted in the church being closed until the works were complete.

We erected a full scaffold with temporary roof to undertake the major repairs. The roofs were stripped, roof timbers affected by dry rot repaired, and tiles replaced and re-laid. Gutters were re-formed to improve the drainage of the rainwater and reduce the risk of water ingress in the future. The clock face on the west side of the tower was removed and the stonework mullions and louvres repaired and restored and a new heating system installed.

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