Church of St Peter, East Drayton

2015 King of Prussia Gold Medal – Runner up

Parish Church of St Peter
East Drayton PCC
English Heritage Grant Aided Roof Repairs
Grade I
St Peter’s Church, East Drayton, is a Grade I listed church in the Southwell and Nottingham Diocese and in 2015 was Runner up in the King of Prussia Gold Medal Conservation Awards.

The Nave trusses were significantly damaged by Death Watch Beetle and having successfully secured an English Heritage grant, we were appointed to undertake the repair and re-covering of the nave roof.

The development phase began with the complete investigation of the roof timbers from an internal scaffold to understand the construction and full extent of the problem. The trusses were closely inspected by a structural engineer and timber specialist. A micro bore survey was completed and revealed large areas of erosion to a number of trusses, and it was obvious from very early on that there was severe structural damage.

The existing trusses and rafters were carefully repaired on site using traditional methods and retaining the decorative colour scheme to the principal components. It was important that the humidity levels were controlled to allow the timbers to dry out and to reduce the risk of further issues, so we improved the external drainage to keep the walls dryer and added opening vents to the clerestory windows to improve the air flow and ventilation.

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