Church of St Mary, Chaddesden

Church of St Mary, Chaddesden

Roof Repairs and Conservation at Church of St Mary, Chaddesden

St Mary's Church, Chaddesden
Chaddesden PCC
Historic England Grant Aided Roof Repairs and Conservation
Grade I
Church of St Mary, Chaddesden, is a Grade I listed church in the Derby Diocese.

Currently on the Heritage at Risk register, the Church of St Mary was awarded an Historic England Repair Grant. During the investigations on site with Historic England, several areas of roof were identified as needing repair/replacement.

The Nave, North and South Aisles, all in diminishing courses, had slipped and missing slates, and the tower roof needed lead repairs. At the time of inspection and due to access limitations, it was only possible to examine the ceilings from a ladder, however the internal inspection of the plastered finishes found that the North and South Aisles had both suffered severe damage from water ingress and the plaster had de-bonded in a number of places.

All slopes were covered with diminishing slate courses, with the north side made up from approximately 80% Westmorland slates and the south side being a significant mix of slates including imported material and it was estimated that the south side was made up of only 20% of Westmorland slate.

The roof slopes were stripped, and the Westmorland slate sorted and set aside for reuse. The proposals were to recover the ‘visible roofs’ with 100% existing Westmorland slate, with new material making up any shortfall. This agreed scope allowed a reasonable order period to meet programme. The rainwater goods that were defective or inadequate were repaired or replaced.

Once on site, the ceilings were closely inspected from an internal tower scaffold to determine the full extent of repairs needed. The loose damaged plaster was removed and renewed with oak lath and hair lime plaster, sizes and spacing to match the existing and the ceilings were decorated on completion with breathable paint.

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