Church of St Mary, Sutterton

Church of St Mary, Sutterton

HLF Grant Aided Repairs and Re-ordering at the Church of St Mary, Sutterton

St Mary's Church, Sutterton
Sutterton PCC
HLF Grant Aided Repairs and Re-ordering
Grade I
The Church of St Mary, Sutterton, is a Grade I listed church in the Lincoln Diocese.

The Church of St Mary was awarded an HLF Repair Grant to repair and re-cover the north transept roof and structure and undertake stonework repairs. As a benefit of the HLF Grant offer, the church looked at an internal re-ordering scheme.

The lead roof covering was in very poor condition. It had suffered from considerable water ingress and the roof timbers had suffered from significant decay over a period of time. The masonry to the west and north face of the transept was particularly poor with decayed stone and a large crack visible both internally and externally.

Several key areas needed addressing. We undertook structural repairs to the main trusses and replaced a number of rafters and wall plates. The roofs were re-covered in lead and the rainwater goods were replaced. The north gable was partially re-built, and stabilized with cintec anchors, and stone repairs and repointing were undertaken.

We explored opportunities with the PCC to re-order the church internally to deliver ‘useable’ spaces for this active group, which would include much needed toilet and kitchen facilities. A kitchen was provided in the North Transept and the timber floor was lowered to provide a level space for tables and chairs to be set out. Toilets and a vestry were provided in the South Transept with a mains sewer connection. To maximise the project value, the internal re-ordering and Grant Aided Repairs were included in the same tender package. The changes have enabled the church to open three times a week with worship on a Sunday.

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