Church of St Thomas Becket, Tugby (Re-ordering)

St Thomas Becket Church, Tugby, is a Grade II* listed church in the Diocese of Leicester

Parish Church of St Thomas Beckett
Tugby PCC
West End and Tower Re-ordering
Grade II*
St Thomas Becket Church, Tugby, is a Grade II* listed church in the Diocese of Leicester

In line with an HLF Grant application for the tower repairs, the PCC were granted a contribution to make improvements within the church by way of a re-ordering scheme. The project included a new toilet in the base of the tower and kitchen facilities within the west end of the church, the installation of a mobile welcome desk, new flooring and a new internal painting and lighting scheme.

The new works proposed within the Tower included the removal of some poorly constructed brick partitions and the installation of mains fresh water and drainage. In addition, we undertook a re-ordering to the west end of the church which included repositioning the font.

The dark pews and timber flooring have been replaced with Ancaster flagstones, laid to a planned design, with flexible seating. The dark timber boarding on the lower walls, have been painted a sage green and new lighting has been added which really ‘lifts’ the rear of the church.

Toilet facilities have been added in the base of the tower. The ‘mobile’ welcome desk and kitchen units have been painted sage green to blend in against the painted walls. The sink has a ‘foldable’ tap and an oak worktop closes down over the sink to provide very useable storage. The welcome desk can be moved out when in use or pushed back into a space under the worktop when not in use, therefore creating more flexibility.

Having considered various options for the drainage, including connection to the mains sewer, it was concluded that a trench arch drainage system would meet the needs of the church. All excavation works were carried out under the supervision of the archaeologist and required an archaeological watching brief.

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