Church of St Thomas Becket, Tugby (Repair)

St Thomas Becket Church, Tugby, is a Grade II* listed church in the Diocese of Leicester

Parish Church of St Thomas Beckett
Tugby PCC
HLF Grant Aided Tower Repairs
Grade II*
St Thomas a Becket Church, Tugby, is a Grade II* listed church in the Leicester Diocese.

Tugby church tower roof was in urgent need of repair and received HLF funding to undertake the works.

The project included major structural repairs to the tower medieval timbers, which required structural steel supports, before replacing the roof covering with stainless steel, which was previously asphalt.

Stonework repairs were required to the parapet capping and the lower string courses, and we replaced sections of rubble walling before re-pointing. The belfry walls were stripped of their inappropriate cement, before being rendered in lime.

Rainwater goods were repaired or replicated to match the existing and we renewed the surface water drainage system.

Bats in belfry meant that the erection of the scaffold required us to maintain access around the belfry window and due to the presence of the ‘natterers bats’ the timing of the works was agreed with the Ecologist and we had a narrow window of opportunity to complete the works.

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