Askham St Nicholas – It’s all in the Detail!

I don’t normally do before and after shots, but thought that the workmanship has been completed so skilfully that I couldn’t resist

The Prior’s Door is located within the South Wall of the 13th Century Chancel of St Nicholas Church, Askham. The stone work reveals and arched head suffered significant decay to the back face which resulted in large gaps and poor weathering against the door, in some areas there were pockets more than 75mm deep. The purpose of the stone repairs was to provide improved weathering to the door opening and protection to the surrounding fabric.

When considering the nature of the repairs, we looked at indenting stone, but although the front face of the stone was in reasonable condition, cutting in an indent to the rear would have reduced the effective depth of the facing stone and with the eroding loss of face and pockets forming, it was considered that this approach would leave the front face vulnerable. We also looked at mortar repairs, but the stone was too soft to consider this as an effective long term solution.

Having considered the above methods it was felt that total replacement of the decayed stone provided a more effective solution that improved the weathering to the door and continued to protect the surrounding fabric and provide an effective long term solution. The original door was replaced approximately 100 years ago in soft wood with decorative ironmongery, we have refurbished the original ironmongery and re-used it on the new door which is made from Oak hardwood.

Well done to Trio Builders for yet another well executed project – no matter what the size of the project their attention to detail is always perfect

Askham St Nicholas – It’s all in the Detail