Conservation Can be Full of Surprises

We had a situation this week that we‘ve never had to tackle on this scale before when we were invaded by a swarm of bees at a church project that we are in the midst of …. and we’re not talking a small swarm, it’s approximately 25,000 bees!

With the rate of honey bees in decline we are very aware on the need to conserve them whenever possible. Having called in the cavalry (I mean the experts!) in the form of the British Beekeepers Association we are now taking their advice on the best course of action. Obviously the safety of the builders working at height was high priority and at this stage moving the bees was not an option. We were advised that the best way to address this situation was to have the builders wearing bee keeper suits and working as far away from the action as possible while a suitable solution was determined.

We are currently working with the bee specialists at the BBKA to look at ways to move the colony in a safe way without harming the bees