Pilgrim Fathers UK Origins Project Update

Having undertaken the original design for the development of the disused barn at the Pilgrim Fathers pub we thought it might be nice to bring you the latest updates on this exciting project!

Firstly, I should probably make you aware of this important time in history and the role of the Pilgrim Fathers. These separatists, led by John Carver of Doncaster, William Bradford of Austefield, and William Brewster of Scrooby, founded Plymouth Colony which was the first settlement in New England and paved the way for the first amendment to the US constitution which is concerned with religious freedom.

The Pilgrim Fathers UK Origins Association celebrates and brings together the heritage of the original Separatists in England and the Pilgrim Fathers who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The Pilgrim Fathers are hoping to open the Heritage Centre before the 400th Mayflower anniversary in 2020

The ground floor will feature static and interactive displays of sites in the local Separatist area and Pilgrim Fathers sites in the US and the upper floor will provide educational activities and meetings, there will also be a shop which will provide merchandise relating to the Pilgrim Fathers.

Following the ‘News’ on their website about Sue Allan’s visit to the US and the interest in the Pilgrim Fathers Heritage Centre, we very much hope to see this project progress in the near future, but as with many community projects it is finance dependent and they are currently looking for pledges to help with their costs– details of which can be found on their website.

Pilgrim Fathers UK Origins Project Update