St Botolph’s Church ‘Passion for People’ HLF Application Update…

We are delighted to announce that St Botolph’s Church have been successful with its bid to the HLF for £1.17million for the much needed repairs to the tower

This includes major structural repairs and re-roofing works and stonework and window repairs to the west face.

St Botolph’s Church ‘Passion for People’ HLF Application Update

Included works…

An element of the works will be to provide new porches on the north and south with internal glass to provide ‘draught free’ entrances and that will be part of an internal re-ordering scheme to remove some of the pews and add new flooring with underfloor heating which will provide a warm welcome with a new interpretation space for the church.

We very much look forward to working with the team to undertake this project which will take place over the next 18 months. The timing of the works mean that it will be completed in time for the international Mayflower celebrations in 2020, attracting overseas visitors and giving St. Botolph’s the opportunity to tell their story.